Enterprise grade cyber security
at a fair and affordable price.

We are very proud of what we have developed and brought to life through Cybadev and love to share our story.

Our story

Cybadev was founded by Hennie and Melissa Ferreira, the same people that gave you the world’s first online digital accountant Osidon.

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After many years of hard work, research and development we have managed to put together a ground-breaking enterprise grade cybersecurity solution at an affordable price. As tech entrepreneurs ourselves we were appalled at how expensive and ineffective cybersecurity solutions in the marketplace are. Almost all solutions are geared towards large enterprises and at prices that are not affordable and accessible to most.

We had to develop technologies and solutions to help us protect our own businesses and decided to develop this into a highly automated service for SMEs and enterprises alike.

Our goal was to develop a super easy and user-friendly online platform, that provides peace of mind protection for everyone.

The internet is hands down one of the most amazing man-made inventions of all time, but cyber attacks and crime is on the rise, just as fast as people are getting connected. Today, the internet is a necessity and no longer a luxury. Staying safe online is more important now than ever before.

Cybadev stands for Cyber Attack Defence Victory though Cyber Attack Development. To protect against malicious hackers you need to be a hacker. Cybadev was developed by highly trained ethical hackers using industry leading technology and best practices. All of this comes together to make it possible to enjoy and utilise the web, safely and securely.

Stay safe, stay connected...

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