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Get advance enterprise grade cyber security for your business from only R245pm

Cyber security for your business is no longer optional. Ensure your business, it's website and employees are protected online from only R245pm. No contracts, no minimums, only pay for what you use.

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Cyber attacks are on the rise and traditional anti-virus has been inadequate for years against modern attacks

With our affordable rates, can you afford not to protect your business?

Below are some of the risks and threats we help companies overcome.

Reputational damage

In the case of a cyber attack on a business, a major loss of trust occurs between the business and its clients. This reputational damage can be devasting to a company. We ensure that all your systems remain secure and de-risk your business against cyber attacks.

Compliance Penalties

The POPI act makes it compulsory for any business that collects any personal information, to secure that information. Non-compliance can result in a fine of up to R10 million and up to 10-years imprisonment. We ensure business owners comply with POPI act requirements.

Financial Loss

Hackers can steal valuable information that can also lead to significant financial loss. Banking and card details as well as usernames and passwords, can all be compromised. We help you secure your business and protect it against financial risk from cyber threats.

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Anti-virus is not enough, it just covers one small component of cyber security

We protect your business
on all fronts!

There are many components online that needs protection. We cover them all.

Websites & Cloud Applications

We protect your websites, and online applications from attacks. We utilise advanced firewalls and DDoS protection technology to secure your online assets and to protect all your users

Endpoints/ Devices

Traditional anti-virus is useless against modern cybersecurity threats. We secure your devices with next-generation endpoint protection using AI and machine learning technology. We also utilise advance software to ensure all your devices are updated and secure.


We protect your devices on both public and private networks. Whether in an office environment or work from home staff our military grade VPN software secures all communications no matter where they occur.

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Our affordable rates include the below

SME Businesses
from only R /mo

Our all-inclusive services include the following.

We keep all your devices safe with next generation endpoint/device protection with AI powered anti-virus and advance endpoint monitoring and protection software.

We keep your networks safe with military grade VPN protection on both public and private networks and that is ideal for work-from-home.

We keep your employees safe with easy to follow monthly awareness training. Awareness training reduces risk off attacks by up to 90%, by eliminating the weakest link, human error.

Support and monitoring by state of the art technology and support from highly trained cyber security professionals.

Piece of mind protection

There is no minimum users and no contracts. Our services operate on a month to month basis, you only pay for what you use.

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Websites/Cloud Applications

Advanced protection for your websites and cloud applications

We keep your website safe with, enterprise grade DDOS protection that can absorb even that largest scale attacks.

We keep your website users/visitors safe, with an advance web application firewall that defends against thousands of attack types.

Online security actively managed by a highly trained security team and state-of-the-art technology.


Larger corporates looking for advance cyber security solutions

Penetration Tests

Vulnerability Scans

Red teaming

Security Audits

Advance Ongoing Cyber Security

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How can I monitor the services you provide?

As a client, you will be able to log into our system and have a full and live overview of every little detail of the cyber security of your business. You can easily add new users or websites and access training from any device anywhere.


Will I get support in the event of an attack?

In most cases, our advance technology deals with attacks automatically. However, in the case of an advanced attack, our trained, ethical hackers will support you and manage the active threat until resolved.Our staff members working on your security are all very highly skilled professional, ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are specialists in preventing and mitigating cyber security attacks.


How do I get started?

You simply request a quote with the form below. You will instantly get the pricing details. You can complete the signup process online in just a couple of minutes. Our services will start immediately after signup.


Why are your prices so much more affordable than other companies?

We have developed advanced software systems using the latest cloud and AI technology. These systems automate a lot of the cyber security work we do and enable us to bring down our pricing significantly. Providing an enterprise grade security solution that is affordable is our main goal.

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